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Welcome to this week’s episode of Poetic Beats with Howard Bond and Davy D, recorded on the 12th of February 2018 on Red Kite Radio.

Continuing February’s theme of Love, Davy D reads his poem Love Is, a poem for Valentine’s Day inspired by Adrian Henri’s poem of the same name. Adrian Henri’s Love Is first appeared in the poetry anthology, The Mersey Sound, published in 1967. The Mersey Sound revolutionised poetry, taking it off the shelf and onto the street and has sold over 500,000 copies. Along with Henri, the anthology contains poems from Roger McGough and Brian Patten and went on to inspire a new generation of poets as well as many musicians.

If you have difficulty listening to the programme please visit this link, Love Is, where the poem featured earlier this week on Inside the Mind of Davy D.

To hear this week’s Poetic Beats please press the arrow to the left of the sound bar below.



Another belter Davy ! It’s Patten that I get the most.

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    Thanks Nigel and I am glad you liked it. Earlier this week I read his I’m Dreaming of A White Smethwick at a local poetry group. The group was hit by the power of the poem, especially after hearing the history of behind it. A lot of the poetry in The Mersey Sound applies as much today as it did back in 1967.

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What a treat it was hearing you read this poem on the radio show. Wonderful reading to boot. I am also excited to learn that it was Merseyside that revolutionised poetry. It needed that to happen so the outreach would be easier and more accessible.
Every era has its own way of expressing.
Thank you again Davy D. 😊🦋

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    Thank you for your kind words and feedback Miriam and it is most appreciated. The thing about The Mersey Sound Anthology is, even 50 years on, the poems still resonate today, especially the ones with political views. It highlights in certain areas we haven’t moved on. That’s the thing with Northerners they can be direct but spot on in their reading and assesment of things. Thank you again for your thoughtful words and have a good weekend 🙂

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Another splendid edition of Poetic Beats, Davy. You captured the thrill and ingenuity of the ‘Mersey Beat’ poets extremely well. Your poem, demonstrating that love is not just all about romance, strikes a most apposite note too with the frenzy of Valentine’s Day just behind us. As it happens, my ‘Favourite Poem’ for next Monday (19th Feb.) was chosen to represent similar sentiments.

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Another excellent show. Being introduced to these great poets really expanded my reading and appreciation for different styles. I have The Mersey Sound, Patten is my favorite of the three poets. I also have his Collected Love Poems.

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    Thank you Colleen and thank you for listening and taking time to offer your valued thoughts. BP is a poet I will definitely take more time to read and study. I love The Mersey Sound, it is one of those anthologies you can dip in and out of any time.

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How wonderful that you read your beautiful Love Is poem, Davy!

I’ve never heard of The Mersey Sound, so I enjoyed learning how it (they) influenced and inspired!

HUGS!!! 🙂

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This is quite a treat, Davy. You introduced me to a whole new world of poetry. How exquisite!

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I so love the humour you inject into the poem you wrote and listening to you recite it I can imagine your Mrs D smiling feeling the warmth of your love for her, so beautiful Davy. So generous of you to give a few panicky men a chance to be a poet for a night. I haven’t heard about the Mersey Sound Anthology and those poets. The little you read from the book sounds very quirky and very regional. Will be looking forward to reading more about them.

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    There is a romantic and kind part of me Gina lol. Who knows, one of those panicky men could be the next Shakespeare. I will try to share some more of the thoughts and poetry of the Mersey Poets later in the year Gina. It is a different style of poetry if you ever get a chance to read it. Thank you for your lovely words and response.

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Hearing a Davy D. original read aloud, oh what a treat! A poem about love, simple & sweet.

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Thanks for this JB. Have a good weekend.


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