Poetic Motivations:80

Poetic Motivations_80


Thank you Davy, a beautiful reminder by Marty Rubin. What use are words if they are not lived. Like artificial flowers.

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    That is a good analogy Miriam and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I sometimes feel with modern day living a life can be spent going so fast we forget to live it and the only experience we get is from the words we write and read.

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Yes, i have this image in my mind of closing the book decisively, turning around and literally bumping in to our own life’s poetry. 😁

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Here’s to creating our own poetry in our own lives and discovering it in the poetry of others. Good quote, Davy. Thank you for sharing it.

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This is so true and a great reminder for us to look around. For there is poetry in everything we see. In every gust of wind, in the laughter of our children, even in the ringtones on our phones. And sadly, there are poems to be written as we grieve while watching the news and cry for the victims of gun violence. Poetry is in every breath we take if we just open our eyes and our hearts. Thank you for reminding me by posting Marty Rubin.

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Very true, Davy! πŸ™‚
Great twosome: quote and photo!
Yes, we must find it (it is everywhere!) and we must feel it!
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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This is really a great post, Davy! It goes along with the one I read that says a poem is not a poem until it is recited or printed for others to see and enjoy!

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Thank you for this JB and hope you have a good week.


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