Poetic Motivations:81

Poetic Motivations_81


Not like Charlie to be so up-beat! There is some truth here though beyond the literal. It is such a powerful emotion that it is at times impossible to break free from, even when unrequited, not acceptable in society or even toxic. And such can be the feeling of well-being it generates, we are naturally drawn deeper and deeper. Fascinating start to the week, thank you Davy.

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    Thank you for your thought provoking thoughts Nigel. I think this quote becomes more powerful knowing Bukowski’s background and it could reference things in his life which he was unable to control, like alcohol. Sometimes we have little choice and the things we love can consume us, be it positive or negative. As with CB, he takes us to many depths with few words.

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It’s a gift to be driven by the things we love creating and doing. I’ve had to find some balance, though, because my health rebelled. And I’m still raising a youngster! But starting my blog a couple of years ago has led to so many discoveries. Before that, I didn’t even read the news. Writing led me to reading, which led me back to writing. In a sense, I woke up. But I’ve also had other passions. When I gardened years ago, designing and planning kept me up at night. It was a terrible joy! I had a similar experience as a textile artisan. But, still, I’m so grateful for this eccentric life I’ve chosen. Or, did it choose me? One day I hope to add more poetry to the mix. Thank you for reintroducing me to an old friend, Davy. It’s one more venture to obsess over.

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    Thank you Laura for your heartfelt comment and I agree the key word is balance. I think sometimes we become so consumed by our passions that it takes an event or person to get us to step back from it. I am like you with a slightly obsessive nature and some days it is hard to know who is in control. Like you I enjoy the eccentric nature of it all. It feels more free than anything else. Thanks for your thoughts and hope all is well.

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      I’m doing fine, Davy–just catching up on much needed sleep and working on my nest. 🙂 After moving six months ago, I’m finally hunting for the perfect twigs and such so that I’ll have a home fit for an owl, or at leas this owl. I miss my blog so much but made a bargain with myself to not write another post until I had ten or so good pitches to send to publications. I’ve come up with a book idea, too! But I don’t even know where to begin on that one. The comments here have peaked my interest in Bukowski. Though I can’t handle too much darkness at the moment. He might have to wait a bit.

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      Glad to hear you are well Laura. There is a series of collections of Bukowski poems, two in particular, On Love and On Cats which have more lighter (shall we say) pieces of his work. The book Charles Bukowski on Cats is very entertaining. Best of luck with the book idea and publication pitches and let me know how you get on.

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Great, Davy. Could hardly have been written by anyone else!

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Most interesting quote, Davy. It seems to reflect a seesaw of emotions that resulted in a broken heart.

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    Thank you Eugenia and that is an interesting interpretation. Have you read any of Charles Bukowski’s poetry? It is very dark and would support your thoughts. He had a lot of things broken in his lifetime which led to some of the best poetry I have ever read.


Davy, it does seem I should read some of Charles Bukowski before venture on commenting. If he really means “kill you” in literal sense it is very dark and that love has become obsessive.
As I read the quote my first thought was:
” Find what you love
and let it heal you.”

However, love and passion are at times instinctive so I think I need to know what drove Bukowski to feel this dark. Oh, I do recall half a year ago one sibling reading a couple of my poems and commenting.
You are too positive. It should be darker, that makes it stronger….
Had forgotten that. Hmmm….

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    Thank you for these interesting thoughts Miriam and it is one of those quotes which may be veiled by knowing Bukowski and his life and poetry. As you say, it may be a healing kind of love. He was a very complex human and without commentary from the man himself we can only wonder. I think that is the magic of these things, they can mean different things to different people.

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OOH OOH OOH!!! Mr. Bukowski is one of my favorite writers/poets!!! 🙂

Well, if we’d follow Mr. B’s advice here…we’d all die doing something we love! ❤
What a way to go!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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PS…I’ve always wished I coulda’ given Mr. Bukowski a hug. 🙂

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Bukowski’s raw and honest emotion strips the soul bare.

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Davy, I took some time last night to read up on Bukowski’s life in addition to finding some of his poems. I will look up the two poems you mentioned soon. I enjoyed the few poems that I did manage to read, though. I used to live about an hour from Los Angeles and appreciate Bukowski’s vivid, gritty descriptions of the area. One of the poems I read was about Carson McCuller’s death. Wow! Being introduced to Bukowski has opened up a whole new world. So many writers and poems to explore …

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This is just a single line and yet theres oodles of meaning oozing out.. Letting what you love kill you is the perfect death. You would die satisfied, happy and spent.. We spend so many years searching for what we really love and then we often have it and squander it only to waste a lot many years pining over our loss.. It would be a lot better instead to just have it and let it kill us and rid us of the pain.. Of having.. Not having.. Then having again and not having .. Yet again…Amazing how one can say so much in so little words.

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