Poetic Motivations:82

Poetic Motivations_82


Uber-mindblender Davy! My take is it could refer to a ‘Teaser’, when you have a few ideas, words, motifs but nothing matches and you set off down a dark alley, not knowing where it will lead, hoping to find a poem at the end.

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    I like your take on this Nigel and it is similar to what I saw initially. I think the three mismatched shoes represent the poem and the dark alley what lies behind it. We start to work out the meaning of the three shoes and it draws us into the darkness, not knowing where we will end up. I also think it may represent that the answer to the three shoes can be very simple and the dark alley is a ruse poets sometimes include in their poems to throw us off the scent. A bit like the picture I added. This is one that could roll on for a while and your explanation has taken back to the quote.

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Yes, too much for the morning but I am wondering why the first man disappears into thin air as he reaches in and the leg of the second is starting to fade…….only the nearest one looks solid. Are the two last men the same? They look like copies. Confused, so Davy, could you write a longer poem about them…please. 😊

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    I hope it didn’t cause too much consternation to your morning Miriam. The quote and the picture were not connected initially and I chose the picture as it seemed to have a similar edge to the quote. But maybe Miriam, they were destined to be connected. After reading your comments it has drawn me deeper into the words and there is more poetry in there which I will attempt to find πŸ™‚ This makes me think about the whispers from our ancestors, which we talked about on your blog a few weeks ago.

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      I recovered Davy 😊, after another mug of strong coffee. Still,
      for a while these men kept walking and disappearing to nothing.
      A walk cleared the head as the snow had gone and the birds were
      singing everywhere.
      So, I am waiting for your poem….

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      Miriam you will be pleased to know that the seed haunted my sleep for most of last night and a poem is starting to form. It feels like Spring is here today. I had the same experience as you this morning, the birdsong was deafening.

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A new voice in the poetry world to me, Davy. I read that Simic’s poetry has been described as “tightly constructed Chinese puzzle boxes”. Not sure about the ‘Chinese’ description, but this particular definition is certainly a puzzle to me.. The ‘dark alley’ being entered I can see, but ‘three mismatched shoes’ defeats me for the moment. You’ve given me something fascinating to chew on to start my week.

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    I would be pleased to read your thoughts Roland as after reading some of the other views on this I am less certain than what I thought initially. He is certainly a poet I will read more of.

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      Perhaps, Davy – only perhaps – this represents the poet on setting out to construct, and to commit to paper, his/her thoughts on a barely realised (‘dark’) subject, only partly understood at the commencement (‘3 mismatched shoes’). Then, the process of chewing away at the initial idea (of moving further into what began as ‘a dark alley’) bringing a degree of enlightenment which unfolds the deeper the poet(hopefully followed by the reader) travels into the unknown. In other words each poem in its conception is an exploration by the poet, beginning often with just the kernel of an idea, developed though the medium of the poem itself. Of course … it is also quite possible that I am talking rubbish !!!

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      I like these thoughts Roland and they fit well with the quote. You are right in that that the 3 mismatched thoughts do represent mixed thoughts and emotions at birth of a poem. The rest feels like walking through a dark alley. Thank you for these thoughts Roland and giving me more to ponder, bearing in mind the challenge Miriam has set me.


i was so tempted to look up further words on Simic’s poetry but resisted and just let the words dwell. I read the lines again, it read Poetry: 3 mismatched shoes at the entrance of a dark alley, I read a lot of instagram poets who are such minimalist with their words, with economy they convey some very deep thoughts, could Simic be just like that? so the mind ponders, 3 shoes, why 3 shoes, why the entrance, why a dark alley, I felt in his words someone looking for answers, represented by the 3 shoes, and the dark alley was a place we could get lost looking for those answers, like leaving present time traveling back in memory to look for clues for those mismatched shoes. ah much to think about in these few words so tidily written, and that may be what poetry is exactly, a quest for answers from past experiences leading to future discoveries. and the number 3 was symbolic of some sort of divine leading to me. wonderful thoughts to chew on a bleak Monday here Davy.

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    Thank you for your these excellent thoughts Gina and as Roland said, Simic was a master of puzzles in his poetry. It is one of those quotes where you think you are starting to make progress then something else pops into your mind and you feel further away from the answer. A bit like being in a dark alley. I like his definition of poetry as it represents the fact a poem can mean different things to different people and this gets closer to defining poetry than some of the academic definitions. It is a bleak Monday here too Gina, but at least we have no snow.

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      well no snow here either, just really hot in the afternoon then ghastly rain in the evening, its been very weird weather for March, the sun seems oversome by all the clouds. Academic definitions can get very clinical as they dissect form and punctuation. Poetry is how the words make us feel as the slip through our consciousness, I like how you present it here and the reading the comments the rest of your readers make givews me such insight on how poetry affects people differently. I love the interaction you have with the comments, making me love poetry a little more each time. there’s never a right or wrong answer and each conclusion seems as plausible as the next. this one quote is going to be in my mind for a long time, each time I think it over I see a new meaning or direction it can head to. thank you Davy, really enjoyed this discussion.

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      I appreciate your comments Gina and you are right in that definitions mean little when it comes to poetry. It is more to do with the impact on the reader and the emotion it brings to them. I am pleased we can get deeper into poetry with these conversations as I see the blog as a journey through poetry. If it helps anyone to develop a love for poetry then it has done its job. Thank you once again for your thoughts Gina.

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Sheeple walking into oblivion.

Charles Simic had a traumatic childhood which it appears some of his poetry reflects upon difficult times.

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Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing this quote and photo, Davy! πŸ™‚
I have always related to Mr. Simic’s words and poems. It’s like he has peeked inside my brain and heart a few times.
One of his quotes I think of often, and relate to most, is: “Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all others were making ships.”
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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So much in these lines. It’s loaded. Thank you for sharing. I don’t know what to do about missing posts but you are right here, so no worries.

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