A Travelling Fair

A Travelling Fair 2

I am excited for this week’s Thursday Thoughts. One of my favourite poets, Nigel Smith, has released his latest collection of poetry, A Travelling Fair, and I have been consumed in the book for the past week.

Many of you will be familiar with Nigel’s work over at his blog, Voices of A Hidden Self.  A Travelling Fair is a collection of some of these poems plus many new and unpublished poems. Rather than babble on about how good it is, here is the review I posted on Amazon and Goodreads, which gives you a flavour of the book.


Imagine the delight when one of my favourite poets on Social Media decided to bring his latest collection of poetry to the market, and Nigel Smith’s, A Travelling Fair, has only deepened the joy and admiration for his poetry. The book starts on The Drizzled Cobbled Street and takes you on a journey through life with poems and reflections told in Nigel’s inimitable style, carved from his Yorkshire heritage. These are poems to spend time with and be savoured. Each one leaving a thought or refection that stays with you for some time. Whether you are new to poetry or a seasoned veteran there are poems here for everyone. My favourite poetry book of the year. A Travelling Fair is worth a visit; you will definitely leave with more than a Goldfish and Candy Floss.


If you want to buy A Travelling Fair, and find out what all the fuss is about, then please follow this link at Amazon and you can help Nigel by posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Mrs. D is shouting at me now to get moving for our weekly outing to the shops. The book is going into my Manbag and coming with me. The aisles at Primark and Lidl (it’s all a poet can afford) are going to be much more interesting today.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Thank you Davy, I am so taken aback. I follow Nigel closely ( sorry Nigel ) and haven’t seen anything about this book. Wow, I am so delighted for Nigel and even without your wonderful review would have bought it.
Will head over to Amazon now.

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Awww, thank you Miriam, I couldn’t think of a nicer shadow.

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I’m so very grateful for your kind words Davy, I’m truly blown away and true to my Northern genetics, I’ve pulled my flat cap down a bit, I’m looking at the floor and self-consciously moving stuff that isn’t there with my foot, while muttering, ‘Ta, bt’ it’s nowt really’.

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Thank you, Davy. Nigel seems to have kept quiet about this himself so it’s good that you have brought it to my notice, complete with links, as well as your own tongue-in-cheek take on the man-bag. (You don’t really have one of those things, do you? … decidedly ‘dodgy’ ?).

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Sigh , sounds so nostalgic ! Reminds of dats long gone by.

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Davy, a wonderful and thoughtful review … and the final words has me smiling. Oh yes, fhe ubiquitous gold fish and candy floss of fairs. I’ve only recently started to follow Nigel’s blog and had no idea he was putting together a poetry collection. How exciting and I wish him the best of luck with this … I love the sound of A Traveling Fair and am popping over to take a closer look. Btw. As a bit of a bag lady I really like the bag!! 😀😀

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I couldn’t have been more excited about a book. It’s a treat to hold it in my hands, to know the hard work and talent that Nige poured into every word, and to savor those words. Excellent review, Davy.

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How wonderful!
Sounds like a book that is a must-own AND would make great gifts!
Thank you for sharing this with us, Davy!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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Davy, thank you for the heads up and your review of Nigel’s “A Travelling Fair”. I’ll check it out and I like the man bag.

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I like the manbag & Mrs. D screaming. The book looks great. Will have to purchase & start following Nigel too!

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