every night

he comes to the alley,

same time, same routine.

his odd shoes, her trainer,

still reeking of

forensic plastic

and final traces

of her existence.


every night

he takes off his shoes,

placing all three at

the entrance. barefoot

he walks each

cold cobbled stone

and listens to walls hoping

to share their secret.


every day,

on an empty bed

he cries himself

to sleep, in movies

haunted by her last smile

and the pillow

which covered her face

one final time.  


© Davy D 2018


A tour de force Davy, a piece that I feel to analyse would be wrong. Thank you for opening a door usually locked. Stunning poetry!

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Brilliant verse. Cinematic. Unfolded like the screenplay of an epic thriller.

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Davy, when you respond to a challenge you give enough to silence us.
Your poem is so strong and beautifully written. To me it conveys a strong love through a very dark experience.
“Placing all three at

the entrance. barefoot

he walks each

cold cobbled stone”
The heart is bleeding and the whole of you seeking solace.
Going to the empty bed and crying yourself to sleep.
I am haunted by the last line ” which covered her face / one final time”.
Thank you for this beautiful poem

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    Thank you for your kind and most appreciated words Miriam and thank you for the challenge. It is a dip back into my police days where some cases, even with the evidence, left you thinking whether a case had been solved or not. That is why I left the final word, as was, to let people make up there own minds. It is a bit like the quote mentioned in the post leading to this poem – sometimes we never know if we have the right interpretation.

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Yikes!! Davy, you’ve surpassed yourself with this poem! I am full of goosebumps, and shivery despite the warmth of the house. The atmosphere is incredible, the events so quietly layered for the reader we don’t even want to acknowledge them. A superb and powerful poem – one that will stay with me…. off to read another time … it’s as if I don’t want to leave it!

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    Thank you Annika and your kind words and feedback mean a lot to me. It was one of the poems where the ending wrote itself and based on a number of experiences I had in my time as a police officer and detective.

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So dark, Davy. With layers of meaning. Your protagonist still cloudy, half-formed in my mind, and still questions to be answered. There’s a crime in there, wept over, waiting to be discovered, or solved. Perpetrator or detective? My viewpoint shifts. Fascinating as story, powerful as poetry.

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    Thank you for these kind words Roland and pleased as the poem was meant to leave the reader with lots of questions. Like some cases I worked on where you were never sure of the truth behind what happened.


Super! Not used to you taking us down alleys! Loved the feel of this.

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this delivers chills. that last stanza. so creepy. so haunting.

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a GREAT write!
I’m feeling so much after reading this, Davy…so many questions…feeling intrigued, sad, haunted…etc.
I think victims (even those who are dead) are always crying out for someone to hear, see, observe, care and solve. They want the truth to be made known.
I have a friend who is a retired police officer and lately he is volunteering on some cold cases that they are trying to solve.
HUGS!!! 🙂

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This is an amazing poem, Davy. It’s beautiful and yet haunting.

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