Rainbow 2


Wow Davy. Powerful! Can so feel the pain of it!

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Unrequited love, the eternal dilemma, when to call it a day, yet again for the ‘one’ we will reach out for eternity…………….

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like a lover leaving as the sun comes up, why do we ache for that which is so elusive yet so alluring.

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Beautiful images, Davy, in words and picture. Love seems to be in the air today.

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Lovely. Poetry is so subjective isn’t it? Today as I read this I feel as if good health is just slightly out of my reach… beyond the rainbow. Bu, this was so skillfully done that I know if I just keep looking for the rainbow my pot of gold (strength and vitality) will be waiting for me soon. I take away from this poem positive vibes. Thank you. πŸ™‚

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    Sorry to hear that Lesley. It seems this has been going on for a while for you. I am glad to hear the poem helped in some little way and thank you for the kind ways. Hope you find the strength and vitality soon.

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That one powerful force that allows us to hold on and reach out…i can feel that in this piece Davy.

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Excellent! Such truth! And so much emotion behind the truth, Davy!
Once again I find more than 1 meaning/message in your poetry! πŸ™‚
It’s that longing (in all areas of life) that keep us moving forward and reaching out! And, yay, often we do get to grasp on…and that brings us hope to keep reaching out!
HUGS!!! no slugs, or mugs, or drugs! Just HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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Speechless with the beauty of this verse. It’s scenic in the depth of its eloquence. Bravo, Inspector Doran. Take a bow.

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Aw, an exquisite and touching piece, Davy.

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This was a very inspirational post! I think you may have left me a seed of inspiration at the end of the rainbow? Ha! Yes? Beautifully done, My Fried! I’m going to have to think on rainbows. Great symbol of inspiration and hope!

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Rainbows are such beauty and I can feel a sense of pain in your words of poetry… beauty can evade you because what is beauty but an idea, a concept, something of individual meaning. Delightful share of such darkness, but thank you.
Jess || https://www.learningfromstrangers.com

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