Even Poets Can Be Funny


Photo: © Davy D 2018

My brain has been crammed full of stuff this week and it has been difficult to get any thoughts on paper, so I thought we could lighten the mood on Thursday Thoughts and have a little bit of fun.

I captured the above photo whilst out on a walk last Summer and it is one of those photos begging for a caption.  It is over to you. Have you got any funny words or poetry inspired by the picture of the two cows? I am too Northern to include a prize but look forward to reading your responses.

Here’s mine to start the ball rolling.

“I hope he’s not going to start reciting one of his Hi-Cows.”


haha I wonder about the hi-cow now, you are going to have to write one hahaha

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“Got any of that special grass from the farm next door? A nose rub, a kiss, anything?”

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My first thoughts: “I wondered, lonely as a cow would”.

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Cow on left: what’s he sayin’ Keith ?
Keith : He’s askin why I’ve got a yellow label stapled to my ear, but I don’t know what he means.

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“be a pal and read us a poem, one we avn’t herd” (I’ll get mi coat!)

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“what about a shot showing a bit of tongue mate”

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“A ‘gate’ you say, we thought it was a chin-rest”

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2nd Thoughts: “Hi, Davy, would you like an-udder poem to use on your radio show? You could milk it for all it is worth.”

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A silly story kind of formed in my mind:
Just when she thought she really was some kind of animal whisperer, she overheard something alarming – Lefty there was a translator! Apparently, there’s one in every herd. Who knew?

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“Me, me, me…take my picture.” This is hilarious, Davy. Thank you for the morning smiles.

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‘We’re ‘Friesian’ in ere’
‘I used to be a model, worked for Hugh Heifer’

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Hahaha! “Cowabunga”. If you grew up in America in the 1950’s you’d know that word well.. It’s from The kids tv show Howdy Doody. That was Howdy’s favorite word . I heard it every day as a child, along with all the other baby boomers of my generation. Thanks for the laugh! 😂

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Having heard all this creativity going on I will just sit down in the next field and wonder what the cows think as they rest their big heads on the “chin rest” and listen to you Yorkshire folks.

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“Why? Becows I said so.”

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I love your caption about the Hi-cows!!! 😀 Wow, you’ve already gotten so many great captions! 😀 The steaks have been raised! *snort* 😛
But here goes…I’ll add…
1. Something in the way she moos, attracts me like no udder lover!
2. We’re in the moo-d for some food! And that ain’t no bull!
3. We’re professionals! We’re outstanding in our field!

HUGS!!! 😀 and thanks for the laughs, Davy! 🙂

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That is a new form of Davy poetry. Hi cow lol , so creative , love your brilliant creativity , Davy. Way out of the world. Gimme your brain , Davy. Hahahahaha

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I’m not just any cowgirl! Hey, big boy, I’m in the moo-ed!

This is great fun, Davy.

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Hey mate, I’m the cow that jumped over the moooon and there’s been a terrible mistake. They promised me a life of leisure and this ain’t it! Can I borrow your cell phone? I need to call my manager!

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You cracked me up Davy – Mooo-E funny!

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Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
Come see how creative you can be with Davy’s post as a comedic writer

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I know this has been up for a while, but I couldn’t help join the fun! Here is my caption, “I knew when you stopped judging me for my udder-appearances you’d find me udderly spectacular!”

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Its a selfie time,Say….CCheeesssseee….

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