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Poetic Beats

Welcome to this week’s Poetic Beats with Howard Bond and Davy D, recorded on the 12th of March 2018 on Red Kite Radio.

Protest has always provided a form of non-violent protest for poets and Davy D’s poem, Because, offers words to highlight the urbanisation and destruction of the countryside taking place in the UK. Throughout history poets such as John Clare, William Blake and Christina Rossetti have all written poetry as a form of protest. These and the Russian poet, Irina Ratushinskaya, who in 1983 was sentenced to five years hard labour for writing poetry deemed to create anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda, are discussed in this episode of Poetic Beats.

If you have difficulty listening to the programme a text version of the poem is included after the sound bar.

To hear this episode of Poetic Beats please press the arrow to the left of the sound bar below.





near a concrete verge, a snowdrop

bows to the North Wind. An act of

defiance against minds immersed in

roadway oblivion. inside the aperture,

carbon white sits against a cold day

sprinkled on winter soil. the camera


sure in its capture of a new order.

above the din, can anyone hear the

robin sing, or the mindless torture

of scraped earth? the run of a nib

must carry more than the cold

blood from a profiteer’s core.


© Davy D 2018


Both interesting and important plus a great poem, you spoil us Davy.

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Beautiful poem Davy and so deep, carrying such strong thoughts of
our conflict between nature and ‘development’ .
I have a photo framed to show just this. I love this.
” of scraped earth? the run of a nib

must carry more than the cold

blood from a profiteer’s core.
Thank you

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    Thank you for your thoughts and kind words Miriam. The village where I leave is at the centre of the new expansion policy and land is being sold and developed on. Although I am not against this, as people need somewhere to live, the issues arise with the needless destruction of natural habitats by building developers whose only focus is profit. 😦

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So very interesting, and beautiful poem!


Wow! Davy a powerful poem that is beautifully written, saying so much in just a few words. The title alone grabbed my attention, how the innocuous snowdrop says so much abou the world we are living, actually seeing so little of it. A constant reminder, a battle that one wonders how it will end. I also really enjoyed learning more about Irina and her life. A harsh sentence for a poet … though a testimony to to the power and influence of her poems, or as such perceived. Glad she was released early and settled in America. Interesting broadcast, Davy!

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    Thank you for your kind and supportive words Annika. One of the good things about Poetic Beats is it gets me to research poetry on a wider basis. Irina was a poet I had not heard of and found a book about her in a local charity shop. Her story really hits home and made me thankful of the freedom of speech and thought I can experience, which is not the case for poets in other countries and cultures.

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Such a powerful, important poem! It brought tears to my eyes.
And such an amazing, important interview, Davy! Thank you for not just entertaining…but for teaching, encouraging, challenging, and much more!
Poetry can bring about positive changes in lives, situations, and the world!
Thank you for sharing Irina Ratushinskaya with us. Now I want to know even more about her.
We need to be grateful for everyone who has cared enough to protest and evoke change.

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    Thank you for your kind words Carolyn and I am pleased you enjoyed the poem and the broadcast. For me, encountering poets and stories like this makes me appreciate the freedom and openness in which I am able to write. These poets are prepared to give their lives to honour their words and poetry.

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Your wonderfully condensed images, Davy, take some time and thought to unravel, making your poem a real journey of discovery. Well worth the effort to tease out your meaning. I was pleased also to be introduced to a new poet. Her story also reminded me that Mr Putin is EX-KGB!

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    Thanks Roland and apologies for the delay in replying to your comment. WordPress has been playing up for me lately. Irina was apparently approached by the KGB in her early years but turned them down. She went into teaching instead. It makes you wonder if that was partly responsible for the treatment she received in later years. Thanks again for taking time out to listen and comment.

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This is very inspring Davy..yes you are right we (poets) in our country don’t get as much recognition as you guys recieved there…there is also very little (none at all) venue for poetic expression here (except for the internet…book publishing (especially on poetry) is a struggling industry here…authors/writers don’t get the same oppurtunity here…

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    That is very sad to hear Mich and thank you for highlighting this. I am really appreciative of the freedoms we have over here to both write and express our opinions. It must be difficult to write under the circumstances you describe. At least your words are being heard and appreciated outside of your country Mich and I am always pleased to read your poetry and comments. Thank you for taking time out to listen to the broadcast and for your thoughtful comments.

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      This is truely unfortunate Davy..that’s why somehow i am thankful to the internet we get to have a voice…but sadly though too i noticed that most of my followers is from other countries…poetry is barely a thing here ..saddddd…

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      Hopefully there will be a change Mich. The more poets who keep writing the better the chance of people becoming interested. Or at least I would like to think that would the way.

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