Poetic Motivations:84

Poetic Motivations_84


Charlie certainly speaks the truth Davy, sadly he could’ve been talking about our once fair realm.

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    It is true Nigel. I don’t know exactly when he wrote this, but this could have been a social commentary for the UK today. It makes you think how developed are we in the Western World. Thank you for your thoughtful comments which have started another ball rolling in my head.

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      Indeed, perhaps over-developed Davy. I wondered if you were familiar with a young Cumbrian poet named Jacob Polley, I’ve just added him to my collection, lovely stuff. I took a punt on him as he went to Lancaster Uni which is where my daughter Rebecca is at present.

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      I have not read any of his work Nigel, but will look him up. Thank you for the heads up.


. . I agree with Nigel. This is where we all live now. Charles couldn’t escape it then, and we can’t do so now. Thanks for bringing this quote to my notice, Davy.

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and he hasn’t even touched on education, just the other day chatting with another blogger about the cost of education in Asia, the competition to get into schools and the pressure to excel, seems more attention is given not to the quality of education but getting the grades. the baseness of humanity masked as a step up the ladder of success. i love that you posted this poem as a reminder that there are more important things in life than material value.

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And yes Davy..some (if not all) pleads guilty becaues of the charges or financial trouble one has to go through when hiring a lwayer to defend them .and i really mean it expensive…so expensive you’d choose to go to jail..

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How true this is and resonates with the US, as well.

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Ah! Mr. B! One of my very favorite poets!!! πŸ™‚
Reading his words makes me feel so many emotions! And he has always made me feel less alone in my thoughts, and feeling.
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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