I love the clever, bitter, switch, Davy, of title with content in your haiku/senryu.

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Love this, Davy. Amazed at the versatility of your style.

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I think Roland nailed it with the first comment. The explosive phase usually associated with a volcanic eruption and the relatively slow seeping destruction of the lava, methodically smothering all before it. Another facet that sprung to mind is that eventually nature grows life anew even in a lava field.

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    Thank you for these thoughts Nigel and you are right in saying there is sense of moving forward. Even when we experience people like this we can move on from the devastation and start to grow again.


Ohhhhh this could totally describe my first husband! You are a word magician! I love how you are able to capture so much in the small frame of a haiku.

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Beautiful and dramatic picture Davy. As Nigel already put in such eloquent words what I was mulling over I will just add my voice.
Yes, life grows again out of lava, quite fertile I am told.

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This is a powerful and poignant one, Davy! Wow! The word pictures you create with words are so vivid and your words are emotion-filled!
Fortunately in my whole life (I was born in The Dark Ages. Yes, we fell down a lot. πŸ˜€ ), I’ve only personally known a few people like the one you describe. But, know what? Even tho’ they have burned me. I have learned from them. I have grown. I am a better, stronger person today. (Yes, I’m always looking for the good and the joy!)
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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Aaaaah! This is intense!❀

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Hmm, I must say very few of those types have crossed my path, fortunately. Powerful piece, Davy.

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