You paint, with gentle soothing words, an intriguing scenario, Davy. Thoughts to savour at the start of a new week.

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So true Davy, sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees.
It’s that magical moment, when clarity suddenly appears and you didn’t even know you were in a mist .

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    I agree Nigel. When you experience that moment it is magical, as you describe. I still seem to spend most of time in the mist though. Thank you for your thoughts.


Davy, I love your quiet and thoughtful poem.
It is sad at times how we walk without the clarity of consciousness and
in the process miss the most precious of all as we just don’t have time to SEE. At least this ended happily.

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walking parallel and unseen paths with another, walking ahead not looking back, so many paths in life, which one is the right one leading to the right person. only when we pause for that moment for clarity and discovery. this poem makes me pause too Davy, we rush through days not seeing the beauty of coincidence and parallel conversations. your words are such precious gems.

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    Your speak a great truth here Gina about clarity and discovery. Sometimes we move so fast it is difficult to see any path. Your words have made me step back and think more about this poem. Thank you.

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So good. So good. Davy , your verses get better and better but they been always good.

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Mysterious, intriguing…leaves me wanting to know what happens next…also, a good reminder to slow down and be more aware of what is going on around us.
HUGS!!! 🙂

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Love this, Davy. One can see clearly once they stop to look.

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    Thank you for these thoughts Eugenia. You are right, sometimes we need to stop so we can see what is going on. It sometimes feels with modern life things are moving so fast we never get to see anything.

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Reminds me of a quote I love, “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” Lubbock

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The words are quite clear and yet.. This is so abstract.

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Beautiful, Davy. It has a mystical quality to it—like those moments we somehow know are meant to be.

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