Poetic Motivations:85

Poetic Motivations_85


This is a great puzzler Davy, love it. The question is, does Basho use ‘vacuity’ in the sense of emptiness, void or the sense of the frivolous or lack of thought.
My take is that he’s referring to reality and the undiscovered void of our world, simply put, the secret of poetry lies between mind and matter.

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    I think you are right with your thoughts Nigel. It was part of a series of short thoughts from Basho I read over the weekend. There was no other text to support what he said so it is left for us to draw our own conclusions. I think in the terms of mind, the vacuity, may refer to the worlds we construct for ourselves away from the reality. Thank you for this Nigel.

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Actually, Davy, I believe Basho’s words can be applied even more widely – to life itself. Perhaps he had that in mind too?

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    You may be right there Roland. Nigel’s comment made me think of the world we construct in our own heads, which as you say are a result of the paths we take through like. Both your and Nigel’s comments have added more food for thought. Thank you Roland.

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I like the middle path, it leads us through the rubble and not into it. 🙂

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So interesting and true answers. What about seeing the light ,which we need to see to write poetry, through the cracks between the two.

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Beautiful pairing of photo and quote, Davy!
Such truth in his words!
We are all touched by real life AND the emptiness in the world. So to find that middle ground and share what we’ve seen, experienced, felt, learned, etc. through poetry…seems like a pretty good path to be treading 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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