Don’t Look Behind The Sofa

Poetic Beats

Welcome to this week’s edition of Poetic beats with Howard Bond and Davy D, recorded on the 30th of April 2018 on Red Kite Radio.

In this episode Davy D reads his poem, Don’t Look Behind The Sofa. The word Sofa is derived from the Arabic word, suffah, meaning bench. The first sofas were used in 2000BC by the Egyptian Pharaohs and are now a key part of modern day design and living.

Did you know over its lifetime a sofa will host around 782 visitors? If you want to know more amazing facts about the sofa then please listen to the show by pressing the arrow to the left of the sound bar below.

If you have difficulty listening to the programme a text version of the poem is included after the sound bar.




Don’t Look Behind The Sofa


Don’t look behind the sofa,

you never know what’s there.

A set of granny’s mouldy teeth

or an eight-foot grizzly bear?


Maybe one of dad’s cheesy socks,

a toffee you’ve forgotten.

Maybe a shiny one-pound coin

or tissues with lots of snot on (uurgh).


It’s dark behind the sofa

where giants go to grow,

where Zombles and Quadrillaks

have discos and who knows


about gremlins and goblins

who meet there every week,

and fairies and demons

who stop by to take a seat.


There’s another world behind your sofa

that comes to life while you sleep.

If you think you’re brave enough

creep downstairs tonight and peek.


© Davy D 2018





Tremendous fun, Davy. I love those weird facts you give on sofas too. I await your follow up – perhaps on settees?

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Delightful, Davy! And I so identify, primarily because I have four children. You don’t even want to know what has lurked behind our sofas. And then there’s all the little pieces of lego that get trapped between the cushions—oh, and not to forget the cookie crumbs and cereal.

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    LOL Laura. My daughter is at University now so the sofa is a much safer place to sit. Although Mrs D uses her side as additional storage space. We should have a competition to see who comes up with the weirdest thing found in their sofa. Thank you for taking time out to listen and comment and have a good weekend 🙂

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Great fun Davy, a few of us seem to be in need of some light comedic relief and this ticks the box, you’ve spurred me on to finish my ‘Brian the Vampire’ inspired by Ripping Yarn’s – Eric Olthwaite ” he was so boring his parents spoke French when he was around”

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    Glad you enjoyed it Nigel and this was one that had been sat in my head for a while. I loved Ripping Yarns and can’t wait to hear about Brian the Vampire. I will be laughing about Eric Olthwaite all weekend. Have a good one and thanks for listening and for all your support with Poetic Beats.

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What delightful and fun poem, Davy!

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HA!!! 😀 I love your poem, Davy! fun fun FUN for kids and kids-at-heart!!! 🙂 You have some Dr. Seuss in you! 😀
I feel the same way…I think there is all kinds of activity going on in our houses while we sleep! 😮 😛
HA!!! Love The Kinks song, too! 🙂
The sofa facts are fun, too! 🙂 Ha! My husband has NEVER had to sleep on the sofa and I haven’t either. And there are good reasons for that. 🙂
Now this poem of yours has reminded me of another story I should tell on my blog. It’s about The Paper Napkin Game! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…”Hello” to Howard!!! Another great Poetic Beats!!! 🙂

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A fun poem and interesting facts about sofas. I have a cat that likes to hide hair clips under the sofa.

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Reblogged this on Pointed Home and commented:
As I continue to re-meet old friends, I was thrilled to rediscover Davy D and this wonderful poem and this wonderful bit of radio. And… well… Daleks… yep… Daleks…

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I love this! It brings back memories of being a little girl in the 1950’s and hiding behind our living room sofa. Every afternoon they would show wonderful B&W films from the 40’s and 50’s. I vividly recall peeking out from behind the sofa to watch the “Creature From the Black Lagoon”, Bela Lugosi as Dracula, Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman, War of the worlds, and a host of other films. Somehow, my brother and I felt we’d be protected behind our well worn/loved couch. What a great poem bringing back delightful memories. You always manage to get it just right!

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    Thank you for your kind words Lesley and I am happy the poem brought back some good memories for you. I think the sofa has always held some intrigue for children and has been a place of safety as well as danger. Hope all is well with you.

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This poem is so much fun! My son will especially get a kick out of it! By the way, my son’s been working on quadrilaterals in math all week. Perhaps Quadrillaks are their distant cousins? He’s also lost his ruler in the sofa this week, probably measuring quadrilaterals. I’ll tell him that he better do good on his math test because the Quadrillaks are watching!

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