Hot Summer Night

Hot Summer Night


Hmm; very interesting, Davy. Two different thoughts come to mind, one of which is scandalous. The other has to do with human-caused climate change. Now, I have no idea why I would think of that. It’s not like I read about it much πŸ™‚ … perhaps too much! I love the mystery in this one. I’m waiting for others to respond so I can learn more about the meaning behind this descriptive haiku. The treacle metaphor is so effective!

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    I would go with the scandalous one Laura. Although I see where you are coming from with the climate change scenario and it fits perfectly. Thank you for your comments and I am always intrigued as to how the poetry plays out with different readers. Have a good weekend.

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Strong images, strong contrasts, and truths we can no longer ignore. If only we had listened decades ago… Thank you, Davy. Powerful writing.

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    That’s what I was thinking, but I was afraid I was way off base. I just finished reading an excellent piece by Richard Heinberg on the important role of artists in expressing the human component of the changes ahead. Poetry, stories and art can communicate far more than data and graphs.

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      An interesting thought Laura and I think we can read into data and interpret in a way we do with writing. Maybe there are things said in poetry that the writer was not aware of at a conscious level when writing.

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    Thank you Gwen and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Have a good weekend.

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Powerful piece. Seems something caught up, which we should have faced some time ago. Now we’re having to deal with the guilt.

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This seems incredibly sexy to me

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Is it hot in here, or is it just me?!?!

Sometimes the already hot summer night can get even hotter. Wow. This haiku evokes a lot of emotion, Davy. Positive and negative emotions…as in my mind it can be interpreted in 2 ways. I like when haiku/poems get me thinking in more than one direction.

Well written! and the background photo adds even more heat! Fiery combo!
(((HUGS))) and hope your week has gone well!!! πŸ™‚

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    Thank you Carolyn and the week has been good. I thought I would spice things up in anticipation of the hot summer we are going to get over here in the UK. It is good to read that this poem has meant different things to different people and maybe there was something else going on at another level when I wrote this. I am glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your kind words and comment. Have a good weekend πŸ™‚

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Sorry I’m late to the party this week Davy. I love the treacle analogy, we know it’s wrong and yet still give in to desire, subconsciously leaving guilt behind to catch up, a kind of ‘we’ll deal with it when we have to, as it slowly drips,the opposite almost to a bucket of cold water. Of course the other more basic inferences work superbly too, sweet, sticky, hot, summer madness, pillows all in 3 lines !
Great Haiku Davy
Thank you.

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    Thank you Nigel and I am glad you enjoyed the poem. I think you are right, it is that part of our human instinct saying enjoy and be damned. As we get older, pain and experience learn us to control it. (I think) I appreciate you taking time out to read and comment.

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My mind feels the aesthetic pull of these words. It gives me fodder for thought. Hats off to this intelligent verse.


This poem, with words and picture, succinctly gets the point across, as always! I love the multi-layers of meaning found within.

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We will have to start calling you β€œ your Hotness” Mr D :)))

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