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Poetry Section


Only a Poet could express thus the frustration our art’s lack of understanding, appreciation and popularity engenders.

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    Thank you Nigel. It does sometimes seem like an endless battle and there are elements of the poetry world that don’t do it any favours. I have seen more than enough here on WordPress and other social sites to suggest there is still hope. Many thanks for your comment.

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I’m such a newbie at writing poetry. If you hadn’t followed me on Twitter way back when, I doubt I would be dabbling in it now. I love this haiku, Davy. Writing poetry is greatly misunderstood and underappreciated, like Nigel said. Sometimes it feels effortless. Other times, it requires chiseling away at every word, just like the other kinds of writing I do. And then there are the poems that won’t let you be until you write them. But I’m not speaking from a whole lot of experience, LOL!

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    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts Laura, they are most appreciated. I don’t think experience matters that much as what you describe describes the process most writers go through. I have seen poetry from new poets that have blown me away and read stuff from well known poets that has put me to sleep. Keep writing Laura, your stuff always has me thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

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I love this haiku, Davy!!! Wow!!! So true! Expressed so well and so beautifully!

I buy people poetry books as gifts…I’m always hoping to covert someone. Ha.
And I love that one of my kids buys me poetry books! I love to read poetry! ๐Ÿ™‚

You…with your writing, your blog, your Poetic Beats, your encouragement to other writers…you are definitely helping to keep poetry alive! Thank you!

HUGS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thank you for your kind and humbling words Carolyn. I just love what poetry can do and there are many examples of its impact. It has been going for centuries so hopefully we can all do our little bit to keep it moving ๐Ÿ™‚

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I love the way a haiku forces one to be succinct and completely on point. A remarkable example in your own poem today, Davy.

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You’ve powerfully captured the angst of poets, Davy. Well done! Have a great day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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You are a master of poetry, Davy. Dwelling on death and hoping for renewal.

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Poetry has a distinct way of connecting with each of us in a uniquely different way. Often, when we read a poem we can perceive the authorโ€™s vision or intent and imagine what he/she was trying to convey. But many times, Poetry is read simply for the personal affect it has upon the reader. Today, with the nightmare of what is politically happening in my country, and the images and audio clips of crying children torn from their parentsโ€™ arms still lingering in my mind and in my aching heart… I picked up my iPad and read this poem. I burst into tears. Whether you meant to or not, you captured what I was feeling inside about a nation in pain. A country desperately in need of a rebirth. A renaissance.

If I were standing up in class teaching this piece I would encourage students to share their different interpretations. But today, with shattered views of hope and saddened at how low my government has fallen, I came to see this piece quite differently. Your lovely poem has left me with a sense of hope amidst the dust and the darkness. Thank you Davy for sharing your creativity. You have a gift for stringing together the exact words in perfect sequence. Bravo, my friend. You have allowed me to wipe away my tears and set me back on my path of fighting for Americaโ€™s political Renaissance.

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    Lesley, thank you so much for your comments and thoughts and for once they have left me struggling for a response that is worthy of them. I have been watching the reports coming over from the USA and am shocked at, not only what is happening, but seeing the rallies where citizens of the USA appear to be endorsing what Trump is doing.

    The patriotic nature of his speeches and hugging of flags, as you said in your blog post, do bring to mind Germany in the 1930’s and many political commentators over here have viewed similar thoughts.

    Even though it appears he is changing his tack on this a little it, is worrying that something like this could have occurred in a civilised Western society and I am glad there are many in your country who are prepared to stand up and challenge him.

    I am humbled that my poetry could help in some small way and will continue to offer my thoughts as you continue the fight.

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This one touched me, hurt me as I read.
Thank you for writing such a deep stirring touching verse. Touched my soul, this.

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Great post Davy, as usual!!! Thanks so much for provoking us to confront our reality and calling for action. I think our nation is so divided and half of us are in shock and praying and working for better days ahead, while almost half are foolishly embracing the horrendous mistakes of history and are just to foolish to see it. Such a timely post to call for a revival of the values of America and of morality and love and peace in the world!!
Bravo, Davy, Bravo!!!

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