The Space Between Trees

The Space Between Trees


Darkness lying in the spaces of a wood. Mirrored by the crow’s dark sinister beauty. You capture a menacing mood in your haiku, Davy, giving me cause to reflect on what other deep meaning lies within your words.

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A wonderful haiku about 2 of my favorite things: trees and crows. The combo of your haiku and drawing is perfect, Davy.

We have crows here and they like to talk. They sit at the tops of trees, and light poles, and as Coop and I take our walks, they talk to us. I like to talk back, saying, “How are you doing today?”, etc. Yes, I talk to them aloud! 🙂 Sometimes they fly above us and follow us as I talk to them. 🙂

“the space between trees” makes me think about sunlight (when there IS space between trees) and shade (when there isn’t)…we need both sunlight and shade in our life. 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts Carolyn and I agree with you about crows and trees, there is something magical when they are together. On one of the walks I do there is a wood where lots of crows frequent and it can be very eerie walking through when the crows are all chattering. Maybe I need to borrow Coops so he can translate 🙂

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This for me is a reflection of life’s adversaries; and that infact there is“the space between trees” which remind us that no matter how dark (difficult) it is..a single ray of sunlight would made a biggest impact…

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Haunting, Davy, and very effective. I could almost feel the hair rising on my arms. Well done! 🙂

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Isn’t it odd how a bird can conjure up such a sense of foreboding? You captured something most people don’t seem to notice…and that’s how cocky and vain crows appear to be. They do strut around like they are letting the bird world know, “I’m here, come and look at me and see just how handsome I am.” I know crows have often been used as imagery for danger, but I’ve always just thought of them as being the “Mick Jagger” of birds. Flashy, confident, and poking fun at the rest of us as they strut their stuff.
As always, you hit the ball out of the park. (An American baseball metaphor meaning you did a great job.)

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    Thank you Lesley for your kind words and thoughts and I will never be able to look at a crow again without having a vision of Mick Jagger 🙂 I agree there is a cockiness about them, but they can also be quiet comical when you take time to sit and watch them. It also interesting how different cultures have different interpretations of what the crow represents.

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      Very true. Literature definitely depicts the differences in cultural perceptions of the crow. And I agree about them being a bit comical. Thus, my Jagger reference. BTW, I love Mick. When I was A young teen and saw his scruffy look on The Ed Sullivan show, I thought he was the coolest! And years later when I’d take my class outside for recess, there would be crows that would fly around and strut on the playground. I’d watch them and wind up humming “Start me up” or “Satisfaction” in my head and the birds always reminded me of a young Mick in concert. Lol
      Of course on a cloudy day I might think of the song “Paint it Black” which is rather foreboding. 😳🤨

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      One of my friends went to see him in concert last week and she said he was amazing. Still strutting his stuff at 73. There is hope for us all Lesley lol 🙂

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      Yay! Hope for us all! The man has energy that’s for sure. And as long as “the crow flies”, there will always be a bit of Mick around. 😉

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Hmm. seems the crows are sending a warning. Sometimes beauty is superficial and we must look deeper to find true beauty. Those that brag about their own beauty usually are insecure and caw or cry out for attention. Thought-provoking haiku, Davy.

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You don’t write, you paint the whole picture with words and the sensations of emotions as one reads . So good. Can’t tell you 😊 how good. Sorry , words fail me.

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Davy, another deep poem to ponder. First reaction is, the picture is so dark, I would not like to be there. Your poem talks about the bragging of the Crow and the warning it gives. So we got this bragging bird who is also able to see into the future and in some way is sinister.
What is he trying to tell us and what is hiding between the trees?
Maybe just moon light or sun light…..but it is too dark…


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    Thank you for your thoughtful comment Miriam. This poem is about perception and the things we consider with what is in front of us. Sometimes we have to look beyond the darkness to find true light and even though things like the crow’s caw can warn us of danger, we sometimes have to face the danger to get to the space. I think we always get led to the light eventually.


pride cometh before a fall…

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