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Here’s the deal.

You are a poet.

I’m a poet.

There is a poem in all of us.

The world is full of poetry.

Let’s hold hands and run through poetic fields.

Enjoy the madness.






love the honesty in your words, Davy! looking forward to reading more of your prose and poetry! 😀

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I’m here via my little sister, Rosema (actually, I think she could be my granddaughter)–anyhow…I love the phrase “enjoy the madness”, for madness usually has such a dark connotation, leaving those of us possessed feeling shame… I refuse to be ashamed/guilty/condemned anymore. Often I describe myself as “mercurial”–a nicer word than mad, but those who “know” can see through it 🙂 I’m happy to be here–very happy–and wishing you a blessed week 🙂

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As a published writer myself, I will tell you it is hard to break in…but not impossible. Just keep your dream of writing alive no matter what! Thanks for the support at my new site…


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You have an honest clear approach to your blogging intentions. i am still floundering to find my own strengths but am tending more to poetry as my relatively new blog proceeds. Do pay me a visit if you can at rolandsragbag.

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    Roland, thank you for visiting and taking the time out to comment. Poetry has always been my passion and I think in the end it is the passion that drives you. When I started the blog in November 2015 I didn’t think it would be where it is now. The poetry angle gives the blog more of a focus so people who visit know what they are getting. I will pay a visit to your blog. Thanks again.


Nice to meet you here in blogosphere, Davy.. 🙂 You are a good and very humble writer. Just followed you so that I can get updates whenever you write something.
Good day.

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The more I read….see…the more I like. :o))

Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start.

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Hi Davy D. Happy Tuesday. I always find something uplifting when I go through your archives. I think the Mind of Davy D works like My Mind – diverse thoughts around writing poetry. I will take a break from mine for a bit to catch up on some other crucial task, not shutting out anybody. Will be reading your posts.

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    Thank you for your kind words Mel-ania. I am glad you enjoy the blog and it good to meet someone with a similar mind. I don’t think there are too many of us about. Please feel free to drop in any time.

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Love your fondness for madness!
Just stopped to say Hello … and acknowledge each other’s molecular presence on blogosphere. Do visit visit my blog when you feel inclined. I’m off to surf🏄🏻

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I rather prefer your style of blogging — not much of a theme, except for what interests you. When well done — as you appear to be doing it — it gives you the pleasure of getting to know someone as a person in their own right.

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Hi Davy, look forward to reading more of your poetry. I really like what I’ve read so far. Cheers from down under.

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Hello Davy D–just a brief note from the absent Miss Muzzy, et al. I only today realized you had requested entry to one of my blogs–ignoring you was NOT my intention; I’m currently on a much-needed blog hiatus, so blogs marked “Private” are not being worked…sort of a limbo status while I try to recover my equilibrium. (I did purchase a new–not torn and falling apart–dictionary, so maybe that’s a hopeful sign…) I hope you and Mrs D are well–my heart fell to my feet as I watched the news from London, more evil/violence/heartache. I don’t know what to say except that I’m sincerely sorry, and my prayers are sailing up to God for deliverance and justice, comfort for those suffering injury and bereavement. If you need to reach me, here’s a good email address:–otherwise, I’ll alert you if I return to blogging. Take good care, know that you and your family are in my heart and prayers always.

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Loved this and your statement on DavyD – the photo there was great. You could enter that as a Fan of the Raiders Football team!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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so true .. there is poetry in everything ! 🙂

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