Love Is

Love Is

Love is

Seeing your face in a fresh morning light

A bowl and two spoons with Angel Delight

Knowing there’s days when we kiss and don’t fight.

Love is


Love is

Carving our names in the heart of the oak

You adjusting my tie, so I don’t choke

Sprinting like Usain through bonfire smoke

Love is


Love is

Holding hands under dim lit gazebos

With our last fiver, dining Al Fresco

At a school dance, the Pogo not Disco

Love is


Love is

Snoring together in front of the telly

Handling my socks, despite them being smelly

On the A40,  giving it welly

Love is


Love is

Albums and photos, we’ve still yet to see

Pebbles at Brighton, tide up to our knees

Fish and chip headlines, for you and for me

Love is

© Davy D 2018

Dedicated to my beautiful wife Sarah (Mrs.D). Without her love and support, the pen just wouldn’t flow.


First Love

First Love


Sometimes 2018

The Backside Of The Night

The Backside of the night 2018


Cities V2


Goggled v2

Devil’s Advocate

Devil's Advocate



Northern Echoes

DSC00500 (1)Photo image: © Davy D 2018


Just one bar for the fire,

scones on her best china,

the willow pattern faded.

bairns outside, their faces

wiped by hanky and spit

still stood tall and proud


lost in her bleak cage

she laments on her freedom

but it never nears


A terrier by his side

the old lad sits there,

silently nursing pints,

an air of contentment,

and knowing awaits

behind cap shaded eyes.


scattered in the snug

faces worn in history

stare from faded walls


Cut short summer camps,

dad worried about money,

the feeling of adventure

in exotic lands 100 mile

from home, knowing that

we are poor but so happy.


sat under canvas

in our fairy-tale castle

we hide from dragons


© Nigel P Smith & Davy D 2018


A big thank you to Nigel over at Voices Of A Hidden Self for this collaboration. When I suggested this, he came up with an East v West format to combine our different styles of poetry. And when West (Cumbria)  meets East (Yorkshire), or a Marra dances with a Tyke, you get echoes from the North. 


Food Bank

Food Bank

Beak – A 16th Century English slang term referring to a Judge or Magistrate.