Davy D

split personality

I was going to make this section a rambling bio telling you how I;

– ran away to sea at the age of 16
– spent 30 years working as a police officer in London
– run a business as a performance coach

But that would be boring.

All you need to know is, from an early age, I have loved poetry.

I was given my first poetry book at the age of nine (I still have it).

I was brought up on a diet of Spike Milligan, Roald Dahl and Dr. Zeuss.

My favourite poets are Charles Bukowski, Philip Larkin and John Cooper Clarke.

And now, in the second half century of my existence, I want to get all my life experiences down in poetic form.

Please help an old man and his dream.

Do you ever get the feeling we are never alone?

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