Poetic Motivations:43

Poetic Motivations_43

Innocence of Youth

Innocence of Youth

Hang Out Thursdays


I enjoyed hanging out so much at the Go Dog Go Treetop Café last week that I have decided to have a good explore of the neighbourhood and see what other quality establishments I can entice you with.

Each Thursday I will tickle your taste buds with insights into these wonderful hangouts, and throw in an occasional book from the poetry shelves of the local library. There may even be an opportunity to interview some of the proprietors and share some of the hottest poems hitting the headlines.

So, it’s backpack on and I’m heading on over to Roland’s Ragbag. Please take time out to pop over to the hangout next Thursday and find out about another hot place in town.

I may even throw in a free T shirt.



Mad Dogs and Englishmen #1

IMG_0361Photo image: Davy D

“Hey dog.”
“Hey officer.”
“Read the headlines?”
“Nope I’m a dog.”
“Savage Dog Attack Shock – Any ideas?”
“Not me, I have an alibi.”
“Bark it Bad Breath.”
“I was at home
chewing some bone
with Miss Daisy.”
“You used that last time.”
“Walked didn’t I.
Jury saw right through you.”
“Today’s gonna be different.”
“What you got up your sleeve?”
“Nothing, but I got a pocket full of bacon chews.
You’re coming down the station.”
“Okay, but easy with the bracelets.”

© Davy D 2017

Poetic Motivations:42

Poetic Motivations_42

Biography of a Wasp

Biography of a Wasp

Hanging Out at the Go Dog Go Treetop Café

Go Dog Go Treetop Cafe

Great news.

There’s a new online café open, the Go Dog Go Treetop Café.

Last week I took the opportunity to drop in and experience the ambiance. The proprietor, Sailorpoet, (or Mr.S as I affectionately call him) has a warm welcome waiting for all visitors and, as well as some cheeky lattes, you may bump into some excellent poets, poetry and maybe a chance for a collaboration or two.

Describing the focus of the café Mr.S said “ I think of coffee shops as places that people go to be social with friends, to meetup with like-minded creative types, or a place shy or introverted people gather in hopes of overcoming their mortal fears and speaking to some interesting stranger across a room.”

During my time there we talked about a poem I had recently written, Seashell, and got into a little poetic jousting in which the following emerged.

Come What May

Come What May

Image Credit: Freeimages.com