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Christmas Card 2017

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Christmas Panto

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New Blog Schedule for 2017


That’s that then, only 354 sleeps until Christmas. I hope you all had a good rest over the festive period and are raring to go for 2017.

One of the decisions I have taken for 2017 is to move the blog to five days a week. From Monday the 9th of January 2017 I will be posting on Mondays through to Fridays.

Over the past twelve months I have been amazed by the support and kindness you have all given me through the blog and I would like to foster the community feel the blog has now taken.

The new schedule will look like this.

Monday – Poetic Motivations – Quotes and lines from poets and poetry to get the poetic mind flowing.

Tuesday – Davy D Gallery – Here I will be posting my own poetry and artwork,  links to things inspiring my poetry and the occasional piece of poetic humour. There may even be the odd freebie and giveaway.

Wednesday – Poetic Ponderings – Articles around poetic themes to get a conversation going.

Thursday – Poetry Spotlight- This will include book reviews on poetry books I have read, links to poetry blogs, websites or poetry events. Once a month I would like to highlight a favourite poem from another poetry blogger and would also like to interview some of you as the year progresses and publish the interview on the blog.

Friday – Davy D Gallery – More poetry, artwork and general madness.

I realise that none of this would be possible without your help, so if you have any ideas, quotes, links to blogs, poetry websites or anything poetry related, or would like to be interviewed for the site, please get in touch.

And feel free to drop by anytime in 2017 and have a chat over some online tea and cake.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday


To everyone who ventured Inside the Mind of Davy D in 2016.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.

Have a great one and thank you for all your support throughout the past year.

Christmas Card


Christmas Panto


Christmas With the Walking Dead


Illustration Credit: Claudia Meyer

The zombie genre fascinates me – Fear the Walking Dead, Z Nation, The Walking Dead -I can’t watch enough of it.

I’ve even completed a “How long would you survive in a Zombie apocalypse” quiz. Eighteen months was the outcome, enough time for me to write the Zombie Haiku Anthology.

It is also on my bucket list to appear as an extra in a zombie film, or episode, and earlier this week I fulfilled the wish.

I went Christmas shopping in Central London.

Hordes of zombified shoppers wandered aimless through shops and across roads and pavements. Adults shouted at dogs, dogs barked at children, and children howled at adults.

In one store, I witnessed two women screaming at a store assistant after being told that the toy “their children couldn’t possibly live without”, the Hatchimal, was out of stock and no further deliveries expected until the 27th of December.

As the two women stormed out of the shop, reflecting on their children’s ruined Christmas, the assistant turned to a colleague and said, “I think I’m turning into a Zombie.”

How did we get to this point in our evolution? Isn’t Christmas, and the festive season, supposed to be a time of enjoyment and sharing happiness with family and friends?

At least the experience gave me some thoughts and material for this senryu.

Zombie hordes descend.
In a manger, far away,
A saviour cries.

Has the Christmas zombie virus struck where you are?

Please let me know and I’ll inform the authorities.

86 Sleeps Till Christmas