Mad Dogs and Englishmen #1

IMG_0361Photo image: Davy D

“Hey dog.”
“Hey officer.”
“Read the headlines?”
“Nope I’m a dog.”
“Savage Dog Attack Shock – Any ideas?”
“Not me, I have an alibi.”
“Bark it Bad Breath.”
“I was at home
chewing some bone
with Miss Daisy.”
“You used that last time.”
“Walked didn’t I.
Jury saw right through you.”
“Today’s gonna be different.”
“What you got up your sleeve?”
“Nothing, but I got a pocket full of bacon chews.
You’re coming down the station.”
“Okay, but easy with the bracelets.”

© Davy D 2017



Loneliness haunts the bones,
Stretching hours where
Grains have started
To invade our memories.

The dog walks
To the door
A thousand times.

Outside the willow tree
Sheds its leaves,
Your neat lawns
Now a meadow.

Still the hall clock ticks.

Still my heart won’t stop.

Choosing only to bleed.

© Davy D 2017