New Year’s Revolution


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is a perceptive soul

he brought me

a FIT-bit




perfectly (adverb alert)

in the bottom

of the sock drawer


© Davy D 2018

Poetry For Beginners

Poetry For Beginners V2

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

True Lies

True Lies

Poetic Motivations:68

Poetic Motivations-68

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer.jpg

We prayed for rain
And it rained
It rained.

We prayed for it to stop
And it stopped
It stopped.

Now we need rain

What can we do?

My knees can’t take any more.

© Davy D 2017

The Unsociability of Socks

The Unsociablity of Socks



Mad Dogs and Englishmen #2

Fake News

a Cockapoo
went missing yesterday,
snatched from the village street
in broad daylight.

caused a frenzy.
made it onto Facebook,
picture as well,

Parish Council,
County Council,
Local Police,

they all copped it.

it was down to
street lighting,
street parking,
council tax,
(£2000 to have your bins emptied?)

it went viral,
to neighbouring hamlets.
dogs everywhere placed
under lock and key.

turned out to be
a false alarm.

the dog walked back
into the house
8 hours later.

just fancied a wander.

came home because
it was hungry.

© Davy D 2017

Mad Dogs and Englishmen #1

IMG_0361Photo image: Davy D

“Hey dog.”
“Hey officer.”
“Read the headlines?”
“Nope I’m a dog.”
“Savage Dog Attack Shock – Any ideas?”
“Not me, I have an alibi.”
“Bark it Bad Breath.”
“I was at home
chewing some bone
with Miss Daisy.”
“You used that last time.”
“Walked didn’t I.
Jury saw right through you.”
“Today’s gonna be different.”
“What you got up your sleeve?”
“Nothing, but I got a pocket full of bacon chews.
You’re coming down the station.”
“Okay, but easy with the bracelets.”

© Davy D 2017