every night

he comes to the alley,

same time, same routine.

his odd shoes, her trainer,

still reeking of

forensic plastic

and final traces

of her existence.


every night

he takes off his shoes,

placing all three at

the entrance. barefoot

he walks each

cold cobbled stone

and listens to walls hoping

to share their secret.


every day,

on an empty bed

he cries himself

to sleep, in movies

haunted by her last smile

and the pillow

which covered her face

one final time.  


© Davy D 2018

Devil’s Advocate

Devil's Advocate

Is Poetry a Crime?

Photo Image: Davy D

A strange question to start this week’s poetic pondering, but please bear with me on this one.

The question was posed when I visited a bookshop in my local town a few days ago and decided to have a look in the poetry section. After a long while searching I eventually found a scant collection of poetry books and,to my horror, discovered they were listed under the category CRIME (the photo at the head of this post is evidence of the said misdemeanour).

Now I know some of my poetry offerings have bordered on criminal, but to take things to this level is an attack on poetic liberties. When did poetry become a crime?

I tracked down the manager of the store and gave him an opportunity to explain this apparent change in legislation. Apart from a shrug of his shoulders and a few ineligible grunts he was unable to shed any light on the matter.

When I returned home I went through my police service archives and at no point did I ever arrest anyone for the offence of poetry, or remember being called to give evidence in a case of poetic injustice. A search on the internet did provide reference to a book by Michael Connelly called, The Poet, where a serial killer leaves excerpts of Edgar Allan Poe poems at the scenes of his murders, but that’s just fiction.

So please poets, keep a watchful eye when going about your daily poetry business. It seems there may be something sinister afoot.

If you see or hear about any similar attempts to criminalise poetry, please let me know.