Motion is My Muse (The Movie)

Unfortunately, due to the fact I am masquerading as poet with one foot at the moment, there is no Poetic Beats this week. Instead I have been experimenting with some video and poetry and have put together this piece for one of my poems, Motion is My Muse.

I would be really interested in your feedback and thoughts as I would like to develop more of this kind of work. Please enjoy and normal service with Poetic Beats will be restored next Friday.

Have a great weekend.

Poetic Motivations:52

Poetic Motivations_52

Motion is My Muse

Motion is My Muse

Stillness irks her. Like a naughty child, she pesters around the armchair blowing “chase me” into my ear. As usual, I succumb. In a prolonged moment, walking boots replace slippers; warm home comforts meet with a cold slap. At first the atmosphere is hostile, but she begins to weave her magic, pointing to Red Kites etched on Cumulonimbus; a distant woodpecker hammering through moving trees. She runs into empty rooms, turning on lights and painting “I LOVE YOU” on vacant walls. We embrace and my reason for being, flows.

With every step
She leads the pen to places
Where dreams are hidden

© Davy D 2017

Thank you to Charles, at The Reluctant Poet, for the conversations about Calliope  and planting the seed, and to the Sailorpoet for thoughts on his recent travels and helping to coin the phrase “motion must be your muse”.