It is energising and refreshing to take a break from the daily routine and the last three weeks were wonderful, spending quality time with friends and family. The break also allowed me to reconnect with nature and more importantly myself.

Over the last couple of years things have moved fast with Inside The Mind Of Davy D. I worked out most weeks I have been spending in excess of 20 hours a week on social media, managing the blog, visiting and commenting on other bloggers sites, handling the social media accounts associated with the blog.

Although this has been fun and exciting, the recent break highlighted how this approach has started to leave me exhausted and pulled me away from the core of who I am and what I am trying to achieve with my poetry. Add to this a recent health scare, and it has made me realise I need to spend more time connecting with the world around me and the poetry I want to find and write. I also need to make time for a couple of other projects with Poetic Beats, including putting together a podcast centered around poets and poetry.

To do this, I am reducing my time on the blog and going, for the future, to posting two days a week. I will be posting on Tuesdays, which will be a mix of Poetic Motivations, Thursday Thoughts (now Tuesday Thoughts), my poetry and any other things of interest in the world of poetry. Fridays will continue to be Poetic Beats, the recording from the poetry show on Red Kite Radio.

The upside of this is I will have more quality time to read and interact with my favourite bloggers who have helped me so much to get to this point. Some days I felt I was just breezing through your writing and poems in order to get through as many as possible, and this wasn’t doing the quality of your work any justice.

As David Bowie once said, “Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth, and when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.”

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Streets of London

Streets of London

image adapted from Canva.com


Sat on a wet pavement, outside of St. James Park tube station, a young homeless girl pulls a shiny black coat button from a McDonald’s milk shake cup. She smiles and places it into her jeans pocket. It means more than the discarded loose change. It may change her luck.



In court 4 at Tower Bridge Magistrates Court, Lawrence Jackson of 14 Acacia Drive, Rotherhithe, SE15 is disqualified for 3 years after being found guilty of dangerous driving. His defence of, “I had to drive on the pavement, as the road was full,” causes the Clerk of the Court to raise her left eyebrow.



The body of a poet lies undiscovered in a basement flat in South Kensington. Nobody read his poetry, not even him.



A single mum with three children takes them to the local playground. Despite the broken glass and discarded syringes the smiles, as they swing through the air and get dizzy on the roundabout, make her believe in the moment.



Two billionaires shake hands over a £215 bottle of Chardonnay. Perched at a table in a Mayfair restaurant, they look over the City and in unison shout, “The streets of London, now belong to us.”



On a nameless estate, on a nameless street, in a forgotten part of the capital, a mother cries for her son as his bodybag is loaded into an ambulance. For the immediate future he will be known only as victim number 87.



Prime Minister’s Question Time, Westminster – In response to the question, from The Right Honourable Member from Lewisham East, re social issues in the capital, The Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Theresa May, states data, collected from reliable government agencies, indicate matters, in London, have never been better.


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Thursday Thoughts

Why I write Poetry

One of the best thing things for me about blogging is the interaction and conversation taking place around the poems and poetry. On Inside the Mind of Davy D the favourite posts are those going beyond the poetry and getting to know the poet, what makes them tick; their thoughts, their motivations, their dreams.


As a development for the blog in 2018 I am going to have a Thursday Thoughts feature which will hopefully allow us to delve deeper into poetry and beyond the poems themselves. This will include thoughts I have as I research and read for the various projects I am involved with and links to information which may be useful to anyone working with poetry.


It will also showcase some of the amazing poetry and talent I encounter on WordPress on a day to day basis. Thursday Thoughts will include links to blogs firing the muse, poems that have moved me to think deeper about the words I encounter and anything else planting a seed for poetry; a piece of music, art, book, photograph.


If anyone has any ideas or inspiration that may create some conversation as a Thursday Thought then please let me know. Together we can make 2018 a great year for poetry.


Mind Games

Mind Games 2017

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Unsocial Media

Unsocial Media

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