Travels of My Aunt

Travels of My Aunt

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Reflections on Word-High July


Thirty Haikus / Senyrus in 30 days was the challenge I set myself for Word-High July.

To my amazement I completed it.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who read, liked and commented on the posts and to Rosema at A Reading Writer and Maria at Doodles and Scribbles for hosting and managing the challenge.

In homage, I have written the following verse. Please visit these wonderful people and share the love.

Apologies if your blog is not mentioned in this little ditty, but poetic licence dictated the final choices.

Clockwork Clouds
Dropped Little April Showers,
Wetting the windows
On McClendon Villas.

Across the street
Jade M and Bikurgurl
Dart for cover.

Reflecting on Gilda’s Poems
And S Writings,
Random Thoughts and Observations
Turn to
Doodles and Scribbles.

I offer thanks
For the life of
A Reading Writer.