Renga: Solving Lonely Winter Nights

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Delighted and honoured to have been part of this collaboration with these excellent

poets. A big thank you to Stephen at Sailorpoet for his ingenuity and hard work in

putting this together.

Hanging Out at the Go Dog Go Treetop Café

Go Dog Go Treetop Cafe

Great news.

There’s a new online café open, the Go Dog Go Treetop Café.

Last week I took the opportunity to drop in and experience the ambiance. The proprietor, Sailorpoet, (or Mr.S as I affectionately call him) has a warm welcome waiting for all visitors and, as well as some cheeky lattes, you may bump into some excellent poets, poetry and maybe a chance for a collaboration or two.

Describing the focus of the café Mr.S said “ I think of coffee shops as places that people go to be social with friends, to meetup with like-minded creative types, or a place shy or introverted people gather in hopes of overcoming their mortal fears and speaking to some interesting stranger across a room.”

During my time there we talked about a poem I had recently written, Seashell, and got into a little poetic jousting in which the following emerged.

Motion is My Muse

Motion is My Muse

Stillness irks her. Like a naughty child, she pesters around the armchair blowing “chase me” into my ear. As usual, I succumb. In a prolonged moment, walking boots replace slippers; warm home comforts meet with a cold slap. At first the atmosphere is hostile, but she begins to weave her magic, pointing to Red Kites etched on Cumulonimbus; a distant woodpecker hammering through moving trees. She runs into empty rooms, turning on lights and painting “I LOVE YOU” on vacant walls. We embrace and my reason for being, flows.

With every step
She leads the pen to places
Where dreams are hidden

© Davy D 2017

Thank you to Charles, at The Reluctant Poet, for the conversations about Calliope  and planting the seed, and to the Sailorpoet for thoughts on his recent travels and helping to coin the phrase “motion must be your muse”. 

Davy D, Davy D sounds like an Irish Jig

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There are occasions when you realise the hard work and the long hours have been worth it. Stephen at Sailorpoet has spent the past week reading my back catalogue at Inside the Mind of Davy D and wrote this response on his blog. To say I am humbled is an understatement.

Please visit him at his blog and take time to read through his poetry and prose. Not only is he a wonderful writer but his heart,  generosity and the effort he puts in to support other writers knows no bounds.





Stephen Fuller

Davy D, Davy D, feels like the start of an Irish jig, or maybe an Irish sailor’s drinking song, perhaps by the end of this post, we will have written said lyrics for your next pub crawl. Of course, reading Davy D has had nothing to do with the Irish, drinking, or jigs. Davy has been with us since 2015, and as such in this small community growing up in the backside of night, is a veritable old man and I do know that many of us remain grateful to him for his wisdom, encouragement and friendship. Finding a comment from him under my bell is like a little jolly rancher to get me through another line of verse, always positive, always encouraging. Diving into the deep end of his writing, I have discovered a kindred spirit, like many of us, looking for a safe vehicle to transport these…

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The Backside of Night : A Compilation (so far)… Courtesy of Sailorpoet



Inspiration and collaboration on WordPress. How working together can inspire poetry.

Stephen Fuller

It began here with a simple comment by a new blogger starting to build his own community by responding to an established blogger as his blogging university course told him to do…

thereluctantpoet picked up on the idea and tried to begin a trend:

and not to be deterred, he tried again to start a trend:

Checking in with a Reluctant Poet

This time it took…

but wait… have I written one? AH! Yes… the poem that inspired the Gecko and Mouse colabs!

In Response to a Poet’s Love Song of 1/24/17

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