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Why I write Poetry

I woke up this morning to this piece written by Chuck over at the Reluctant Poet and to say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement.

I am sharing this, not through any ego trip, but as a example of the wonderful love and support provided by this community of writers, which I am proud to be a part of.

Your love and writing provides me with inspiration everyday and without it the journey would not be possible. A big thank you to you all.

Please take time out to visit Chuck at the Reluctant Poet. He is one of the great souls of poetry and the time and effort he spends supporting others deserves some love to be shared back with him.

Go Dog Go Café

Hi Everybody,  Today I would like to introduce you to DavyD of “Inside The Mind Of DavyD Blog”

For so many of you that haunt the GO DOG GO CAFE, DavyD is an Old and Dear Friend, a charter patron at Steve’s wonderful Cafe and Never Ending supporter of our community and so many individual writers.

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Hanging Out With The Reluctant Poet

The Reluctant Poet

Across a café  table,

In the Backside of the Night,

A Reluctant Poet

Whispers  into the ears

Of his Calliope,

“Today was a good day.”

She strokes his soul

And draws his pen

Across her heart.

“How many today Charles?”

“One maybe two.

Even with their

Uneven edges

They bring spirit

Into the stillness.”

How could they not

Be tempted ?

In the echo of a dawn

Both drift into the day,

Leaving etched napkins scattered.


The Reluctant Poet  is one of the marvellous souls in the WordPress writing

community. Charles (Chuck) devotes much time shining a light on other poets and

writers, bringing them to notice within this vibrant movement being shaped.

Please pay him a visit and read his poetry. It will bring peace to your heart.

Motion is My Muse

Motion is My Muse

Stillness irks her. Like a naughty child, she pesters around the armchair blowing “chase me” into my ear. As usual, I succumb. In a prolonged moment, walking boots replace slippers; warm home comforts meet with a cold slap. At first the atmosphere is hostile, but she begins to weave her magic, pointing to Red Kites etched on Cumulonimbus; a distant woodpecker hammering through moving trees. She runs into empty rooms, turning on lights and painting “I LOVE YOU” on vacant walls. We embrace and my reason for being, flows.

With every step
She leads the pen to places
Where dreams are hidden

© Davy D 2017

Thank you to Charles, at The Reluctant Poet, for the conversations about Calliope  and planting the seed, and to the Sailorpoet for thoughts on his recent travels and helping to coin the phrase “motion must be your muse”. 

The Backside of Night : A Compilation (so far)… Courtesy of Sailorpoet



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